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GlowRider™ - LED Display Panel For Car

GlowRider™ - LED Display Panel For Car

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Turn Heads Everywhere: Your Car, the Ultimate Spotlight Magnet!

Turn heads with the LED Display Panel For Car, a cutting-edge lighting accessory that will transform your vehicle into a rolling light show.

Using a high-end flexible LED Array coupled with programmable circuitry encased in a flexible IP65 waterproof sticky polymer which allows you to slap it anywhere and peel it off easily any time without any mess. Simply plug in the supplied USB cord and enjoy!

Unlimited Modes

Simply plug the USB into a power source, use the app on your Apple or Android device, connect via Bluetooth, and unlock a world of features. Free-draw, free-text, upload your own images or GIFs, but here's the kicker: Our App got an online library packed with 300+ GIFs! Imagine cruising down the street with the coolest GIFs in the universe – your car's gonna steal the spotlight like never before!

Easy Installation!

Our LED Display is made with a water-resistant IP65 sticky polymer - material that sticks WITHOUT glues.

And the best part?

You can easily slap it on any window and peel it off whenever you want – no mess, no stress.

Plus, we even provided additional double-sided adhesive pieces for permanent applications. Inside the box, you'll also find a 4M+ USB cable, giving you the freedom to place this LED Panel wherever you like.


  • Visible through all tints
  • Unlimited customization - upload your own text/videos/images
  • Restickable IP65 polymer
  • It is powered by a provided USB cable that can be plugged into a port
  • Size: 9cm x 37cm or 12cm x 47cm
  • Bright and Colorful Lights: Features 2121 full-color RGB lamp beads for bright, low-consumption, attractive lighting.
  • Smart App Control: Use the app to customize text, patterns, and animations; adjust brightness and speed to your preference (A QR code for downloading the app is provided in the instruction manual that comes with your product)

What's included?

- LED Display Panel
- 4M USB Cable
- QR Code To Download Our App
- 3M Adhesive For Permanent Applications


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How do I install the LED Display Panel For Cars?

Installation is simple and hassle-free. The display panel uses a water-resistant IP65 sticky polymer that adheres without the need for glues, allowing you to slap it on any window or surface. For more permanent applications, additional double-sided adhesive pieces are provided. A 4M+ USB cable is included for easy connection to a power source.

Can the display panel be removed easily?

Yes, the LED Display Panel is designed for easy removal. The sticky polymer allows for repositioning or removal without leaving any mess or residue behind, ensuring no stress and no mess.

Is the LED Display Panel waterproof?

Yes, the panel is encased in an IP65 waterproof sticky polymer, making it suitable for use in various weather conditions without damage.

How is the LED Display Panel powered?

The panel is powered by plugging the supplied USB cord into a power source, making it convenient and easy to use wherever you are.

Can I customize the display on the panel?

Absolutely! By using the accompanying app on your Apple or Android device, you can connect via Bluetooth to unlock a world of features. You can free-draw, enter text, upload images or GIFs, and even access an online library with over 300+ GIFs to customize your display as you like.

How can I download the app?

A QR code for downloading the app is provided in the instruction manual that comes with your product. This app is compatible with both Apple and Android devices. Simply scan the QR code to be directed to the app in the respective app store. Once downloaded, connect to your LED Display Panel via Bluetooth to effortlessly customize your light show.

Can the display panel affect my car’s battery?

The LED Display Panel is designed to be energy-efficient, thanks to its low-power 5V USB connection. However, as with any accessory, continuous use without running the engine may drain the battery over time.