Terms Of Service

Homoxa Terms of Service


This platform is exclusively operated by Homoxa. When we refer to "we," "us," or "our," we are speaking of Homoxa. We extend our services to you, contingent upon your acceptance of all terms, conditions, and policies delineated herein. By accessing or utilizing our services ("Service"), you tacitly agree to comply with these Terms of Service ("Terms").

Section 1: Eligibility & Compliance

By consenting to these Terms, you confirm that you are of legal age in your jurisdiction. Your agreement also signifies that neither you nor your dependents will use Homoxa for unauthorized or unlawful purposes, nor will you infringe upon local, state, or federal laws and regulations.

Section 2: Discretionary Service

We maintain the unilateral right to deny service to anyone for any reason, at any given time.

Section 3: Information Integrity

Although we strive for accuracy, we cannot guarantee the timeliness, completeness, or precision of the information made accessible on this platform. Such material is meant for general reference only and should not singularly influence your decisions.

Section 4: Price & Service Modifications

Prices for our products are volatile and subject to modification without prior notice. We disclaim any responsibility for any changes or discontinuation of the Service.

Section 5: Product Availability

Exclusive products may be offered solely online and may have restricted quantities subject to our Return Policy.

Section 6: Order Integrity

We retain the right to decline or limit orders, either in part or in whole, at our discretion.

Section 7: Third-Party Tools

We may avail third-party tools for which we neither have oversight nor input.

Section 8: External Links

We assume no responsibility for the content, policies, or practices of third-party platforms.

Section 9: User Feedback

All feedback, comments, or materials forwarded to us are our property, and we are under no obligation to maintain confidentiality or remit payment.

Section 10: Privacy Concerns

Our handling of your personal information is governed by our Privacy Policy.

Section 11: Rectification Rights

We reserve the right to amend errors, discrepancies, or omissions, and to alter or update information or void orders, without preceding notice.

Section 12: Prohibited Actions

Illegal use of our services, including but not limited to intellectual property violations, harassment, and solicitation, will result in account termination.

Section 13: Risk & Liability

Your engagement with Homoxa is solely at your own risk. We disclaim all liability for any direct or indirect damages or losses incurred through the use of our Service.

Section 14: Indemnification

You commit to indemnifying Homoxa and its affiliates against all claims and expenses arising from your breach of these Terms.

Section 15: Severability

The unenforceability of any provision will not affect the validity of the remaining Terms.

Section 16: Termination

Either party can terminate this agreement under these Terms at any point in time.

Section 17: Agreement Integrity

These Terms represent the full agreement between you and Homoxa, superseding any prior agreements or understandings.

Section 18: Governing Law

These Terms are governed by United States law.

Section 19: Amendments

We reserve the right to amend these Terms at our discretion. Continued use signifies your acceptance of such changes.

Section 20: Contact Us

Reach out to us at info@homoxa.com for any inquiries. For time-sensitive issues, our Chat function is available. Email responses may take up to 48 hours.